QR Codes – Marketing In The 21st Century

While the image above may look like a jumbled up bar code to you, this image represents a “QR Code,” or a Quick Response Code. Used in Japan for years, these codes allow users with Smart Phones (ie, an iPhone or Android phone) to scan the code and instantly receive information on the code. For more information check out this video:

Not only does this code allow you to achieve better measurement results (for advertisements that you usually had to rely on large scale branding and “word-of-mouth” to measure) but you can easily integrate yourself into our ever growing mobile community.

To set one up for your business, I recommend starting with Google’s free generator. Their QR codes are integrated into their Places application.

Visit the following link:


-Jerry Nihen

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    Tyler Coffin
    Tyler Coffin

    2011 is going to be the year of the QR Code for marketers. Next time you create a QR Code, try www.SocialQRCode.com. It is designed for businesses to generate QR Codes and mobile landing pages for their businesses social properties. Create a landing page with a Facebook "Like" button or Twitter "Follow" button. Users can also create a mobile coupon that is sharable on Facebook and Twitter!

    Give it a try and let us know what you think!

    Jerry Nihen
    Jerry Nihen

    That's a cool resource. I just did an initial scope out. Next time I need to
    set one up I'll test it. Thank you for your contribution!